Web Design

Our Web design team is here to assist you build your “Dream Site”, we pride ourselves on partnering up with our clients through the entire process from start to end of your web design project. We ensure that your site is delivered to your specifications, we provide unique designs to give your brand the individual look it desires.

The Phases

Phase 1 - Discovery

We collect info based on your goals and specifications

Phase 2 - Development

We create and structure the backend of your website.

Phase 3 - Design

We work to craft together the front-end design of your website.

Phase 4 - Testing

We perform a in house review to ensure the site functionality.

Phase 5 - Review

This is your time to look over your site for the final review.

Phase 6 - showtime

This completes your project and makes live to the public.

Case Study

Unique Auto Transport

How we helped Felton Taylor get a brand-consistent website that converts visitors into clients.

Company Description

Unique Auto Transport is a Digital Connect client that provides an unrivaled professional service, to deliver our customers products safely, damage - free and in a timely manner. UAT has been a Digital connect member since 2019 receiving many services such as web design, social media setup, and logo creation through our graphic design team.